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Barefoot running does correct the body.

Running barefoot (unfortunately minimal as well) for almost two years, my last 3 consecutive long runs on the weekend I experienced a change in the body going from footwear to bare.   I really never experienced this before, because last year at this time I was training for my first marathon and all my long runs were in Vibrams, this year is different, I am looking to run my first barefoot marathon so I am running barefoot as much as possible during this winter.

Let me retract and mention again why I started running barefoot, it seemed different and fun to do!  That’s it.  Anything that is different I tend to flock too.  I ran for 16 years in shoes without one injury, but during those 16 years I wasn’t running as much as I am now, and not going long, my longest run would be 10 miles, so maybe i didn’t have time for the shoes to injury me, who knows.  But I have no  glamorous story of why I transitioned to barefoot running, boring I know.  I always knew that barefoot running can correct form, easy on knees, etc. but never really paid attention to all the scientific methodology of why.  I knew I liked it, and that was it.

Back to my point, the last 3 consecutive weekends I ran a 15, 16, and 17 miler.  Each starting out with Vibram sprints, my reason was it was either to cold, or wet.  During each run I would end up taking off the sprints during the half way points and running the rest barefoot.   What I noticed was a dramatic change in my body once the footwear came off, I set into this more comfortable zone of running,  my legs and muscles relaxed more, my speed picked up (though I do run slow on  my long runs on purpose),  and my endurance and desire to go farther increased.  For me running in minimal footwear, even huaraches has no comparison to the comfort and grace I feel when I run barefoot.

I basically created a monster wanting to run barefoot just because it seemed cool!  My number one choice is to run barefoot. If I didn’t live in New England, I would be running 100% barefoot all year.  No wonder Ken Bob moved to California.  Vibrams are minimal footwear, but in my book they still are running shoes.  Anyone who wants to start running barefoot, forget the minimal footwear at first, go in full force barefoot, it’s what I did.

To conclude, I can say during these 3 runs of mixing footwear to bare, I am 100% self-assured that running barefoot does have a method behind the madness.



2 thoughts on “Barefoot running does correct the body.

  1. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the difference in running with something on your feet (even majorly minimal) to barefoot. I have the same problems you do in footwear…it’s just not as enjoyable, as freeing, and I don’t feel like I want to go as far. In order to run my best, I have to run barefoot. -TJ

    Posted by Barefoot TJ | February 28, 2011, 3:16 PM
  2. Hey TJ! Totally agree.

    Posted by barefootgentile | March 1, 2011, 9:22 AM

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Ran the Fairfield CT half marathon this morning. Came in with a time off 1:50:12.  This  was my 8th consecutive year running this race, and barefoot. My training was super light. Maybe 12-15 miles per week with no speed training, or fancy workouts, all runs were slow. I started lifting weights again, and noticed a big difference with running. The weight training is what pulled me through. The best snack/protein bar out there. Definitely no BS.
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