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18 mile barefoot run in the rain.

Time:  2:40:48     Pace: 8:56     Temp: 48 degrees.

This was a great run and a huge confidence builder, not only was it my longest barefoot run to date, but I ran it in pouring rain.  I started this run around 12:30pm, and the whole morning it was non-stop pouring rain.   My mind was set to do this barefoot, plus I didn’t want to back down from my personal challenge, but I did, for about 5 minutes.    I started the run in my Vibram sprints, after 5 minutes I realized I can do this barefoot, stopped and took them off.  My parents house is about 1.5 miles from my place, I wanted to dump the sprints, so I ran to my parents house first, and dropped them off in their mailbox.  It was super quick, I called them when I got home and they didn’t even realize I was there.

I had one funny incident that I never thought would happen, and when I did hear from other people I thought they were full of it.  But around mile 16, this lady pulls up to me and asks if I want a ride somewhere because I didn’t have any shoes.  I told her no thank you, I do this on purpose, she drove off shaking her head, I never thought that would happen for some reason, just seems so fake or unreal when you hear it.

My feet have a nice tingle going on as I type this, but came away with not one blemish or blister.






One thought on “18 mile barefoot run in the rain.

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