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Odd running week – 5 Year Anniversary

My wife and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary on April 8th.   We packed a lot in 5 years, two kids, both working full-time, both of us in school, my wife going for her masters, me going for my bachelor’s degree.  She then stopped with school last year, it was too much. I am graduating in May with my bachelors degree.  Now my wife will continue with her Masters.   Look for life to slow down just a bit, I know that doesn’t happen, especially with young kids, but just a little will be nice.

We are going away to Baltimore for the weekend for a little getaway, the kids are coming as well.  I heard they have an amazing aquarium in Baltimore.  Should be fun.

Now marathon training, on paper, this week should be the week were I peek at max mileage, which was only going to be 40 miles.  Well that will not happen,  I ran 5.6 miles on Tuesday, and going to run my last 20 miler tomorrow, thursday.   We leave on friday  morning for Baltimore, so it will be only 2 days of running this week.  Not your standard marathon training, but honestly I am not even sweating it.  Last year if I did this during my first marathon training a full-blown argument would have happened because I would be freaking out about my training.  But like I said, my outlook on running has changed, it’s not a job, it’s something I love to do, and feel blessed that God gave me a healthy body to run.   So looking forward to the 20 tomorrow, if I feel good I might even push it to 22, but I will not force it if I don’t feel it.



2 thoughts on “Odd running week – 5 Year Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary and upcoming graduation, Adam!

    Posted by Richard | April 8, 2011, 6:36 AM

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