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Footwear – My line-up.

I am not a shoe reviewer. I am not a barefoot runner with hundreds of minimal footwear in their closet. I am a barefoot runner first and foremost showing you my personal footwear that I have selected over the years and what works for me.

My number way to run is barefoot, yes even I have a line of minimal footwear.  Living in Connecticut it is impossible to run barefoot all the time, especially if you despise treadmills and run all year-long outside.   Plus with my new found love of trail running, at times protection is needed.  There is no such thing as soft, smooth trails in Connecticut, none that I found at least.  Like my grandfather used to say,”Connecticut is filled with nothing but damn rocks”!   He had a green thumb and loved to garden, I think his wish was just to have nice clean soil without all the rocks in it.

So here we go:

My number one choice for footwear if I needed to run in something would be the “Original” Lunas with the leather laces.  I have had these for over a year but started running in them recently.  Great for the roads, and dry trails as well.  http://lunasandals.com/

The newest addition to the line-up, are the Dash Lite Runamoc’s by Soft Star.  You can either get the Trail (5mm) or Street (2mm) soles.  I went with the 2mm, more ground feel the better for me.  I have run some trails with them, and there is no need for the 5mm soles actually.  Just run light and you will be fine.   I do wear these as a casual shoe as well, I always had a sweet spot for bowling shoes.  Seriously though, they are incredibly comfortable.  http://www.softstarshoes.com/

Next are Vibram’s Komodosport LS.  I have been a fan of Five Fingers since day one, I never had any issues with them as far as fit and comfort goes.   I have a pair of KSO’s, Sprints, and now the Komodosports.   The Komodosports are the all around cross-fit, activity model of the Five Finger’s, they would work great for court sports.  I actually use them as my go to trail shoe for the winter, and running in extreme cold conditions on the street.  They have a seamless inside and not sure what kind of material they use for the upper part, but it’s the perfect winter shoe.  Very warm, in fact they will be too hot to wear in spring/summer.   Just yesterday it got up to 60 degrees and I wore them as I was doing my daily chores, and my feet actually got uncomfortably hot, couldn’t wait to take them off.   The lowest temp I ran in them was 19 degrees, in wet snow, without socks for about a 50 minute run and didn’t have any issues.   Great shoe if you like to hike in the fall and winter as well.  http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/index.htm



One thought on “Footwear – My line-up.

  1. i love how flexible those runamocs are. i wish i could wear them to work!

    Posted by ML | February 5, 2012, 6:58 PM

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