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Running in Huaraches (Luna’s) – Found my comfort zone.

I always wore Luna sandals as a casual shoe.  I have two pairs the “Original” Luna’s with the leather foot bed and “The Equus”.  I never run in the Equus, for me they just don’t cut it for running but are the ultimate casual shoe.  I wear them all time, weather permitting, I even ride my bike and cruise on my longboard with them.

But the point of this post is to say I have really developed a comfort zone for running in Luna’s now.  I never gave them the chance, but I think with all Huaraches you need to give them time to adjust to them.  I never felt like I was relaxing my foot in them, but now that has changed.   For running I go with the “Original” Luna’s with the leather foot bed, and leather laces.  I do have the stretchy elastic laces, but for running I don’t like them, they are better for just casual wear, that’s my personal opinion.

I really like the leather foot bed because in time they make a nice molding of your feet, and fit really nicely in the sandal.  I recently switched out the 1/4″ leather laces for the 3/8″ leather laces.  I find the 3/8″ laces give me a more secure fit, and they work much better for running on trails.   One thing about the leather foot bed is that when it gets wet it does become slippery,  but I found with the 3/8″ laces you get more stability than with the 1/4″ laces.

I also changed the way I lace them, I always went with the slip-on method but out of curiosity I wanted to try the traditional method and I am happy I did.  I ran for 2 hours with the traditional system for the first time yesterday, and encounter no issues at all.   I found the traditional method of lacing easier,and quicker to tie than the slip-on method.   The point of the slip-on method is just to lace them up once, and just slip the sandals on and off.  I always untied them anyways when I used the slip-on method,  plus with the traditional lacing I find I can dial in with a more secure, and comfortable fit.

Pictured are the “Original” Luna’s (leather footbed), 3/8″ laces, with the traditional lacing system.



2 thoughts on “Running in Huaraches (Luna’s) – Found my comfort zone.

  1. I have been reluctant to try the traditional method and am almost superstitious about not messing with the laces. I’ll have to give the traditional method a try.

    Posted by rob | February 27, 2012, 10:55 PM

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