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5 Mile Turkey Trot, Southport, CT – November 2012

I think I have been running this race for over 20 years now, it’s been a tradition with my sister since the beginning.  It’s a fun race, great atmosphere, with a great course. It’s held right on thanksgiving day, what a great way to start Thanksgiving with a morning run with 4000 other people. It’s a huge running event, it grows every year.   This race has some special meaning because it’s also the first barefoot race I ran since I transitioned to running barefoot in September 09′.  Since then I have continually ran it barefoot, the weather has been cold but not so bad that I had to resort to footwear, so keep the streak going.  If I need to resort to footwear some year, so be it.

Anyways, like tradition, my older sister Heather joined me, and my brother-in-law Chris made his first turkey trot appearance, he did great. We all decided at the beginning to do our own race, I felt good so decided to push it, my time was 39:18 with a pace of  7:52.  I haven’t ran that fast in long time but it felt good.  The weather was beautiful for this time of year, cold in the morning but warmed up to 50 degrees, it was a great day.12115_366524866776925_1315661013_n




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