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Happy New Year! – A personal ( possibly unachievable) challenge.

Happy New Year!!

My New years Eve was good, my sister had a house party, it was low-key, lots of good food, drinks, and karaoke.  We got home around 10pm, got the kids into bed as my wife and I struggled to stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop then we crashed.  I didn’t even have a hangout on new years day, out of the ordinary but a nice change.  We de-christmasized the house, then I took the boys sled riding.  Later in evening took my first run of the year, a barefoot 5 miler. We had some snow a few days ago but the roads were clear, it wasn’t too cold maybe around 35 degrees, overcast and dark cloudy sky’s, it was a good run.

Since I started the year out with a barefoot run I got this idea, or goal, to try to run a full year barefoot. Why? because why not, it’s the way I like to run. I don’t like to run with anything on my feet anymore, even minimal footwear, and I don’t have access to a treadmill.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of living somewhere like California or Florida where being barefoot all year can easily be managed. (Yes I know it gets in the high 100’s in Florida during the summer, but you can always work around heat easier than the cold, in my opinion).  I live in New England and experience winter, at times a brutal winter.  As of now, I am not running that much, between adjusting to my new job, family, and honestly don’t have the desire to rack up the mileage, spring is when I start that.  I can’t even remember the last time I ran a 10 miler, long time that’s for sure.  This is also the first winter in 3 years where I am not training for a spring marathon, which I am actually happy about. I am certainly not running long distances now, so I am not sacrificing anything except for running less.  I can just coast through the winter, a perfect opportunity for this challenge.

But this goal can end real soon.  We can have a snow storm tomorrow, and the only times I have ran barefoot in the snow was around my house to test the waters and see how it was, it’s not easy nor did I last long.  So it all comes down to my patience, mother nature, and being okay with short bursts around the block barefoot when it does snow, and waiting a few days when the roads start to clear again. Then you have the rock salt, the ice and single digits, on and on, but I will worry about those things once they happen.  Really, the challenging part is getting through January and February, in past years once March comes, I have been home free without footwear.  Like I said this goal can end tomorrow.

The only purist barefoot runners I know of are Ken Bob, who lives in California.  And Barefoot Rick, who lives in Missouri.  Ken Bob has it made living in sunny California, a barefoot runners paradise.  Barefoot Rick on the other hand experiences winter as well, but he runs all year barefoot.  I know he does resort to a treadmill at times just from reading about his barefoot winter experiences, but he truly is amazing when it comes to running in cold weather and snow.




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