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Spring is around the corner – First Barefoot Snow Run

I hate to rush time, but I have to say I am so happy to see January and February pass.  Something about these two months that I just can’t stand, well actually I know why I can’t stand them it’s the heart of winter.  It’s been a very cold long winter, at least for me it has.  The snow wasn’t too bad except for that one blizzard that crippled everyone for almost a week.  But now it’s March, 15 more days until spring and looking forward to running more.

I run all year outside but something about this winter just had me unmotivated to run.  I started a new job in November so a lot of my energy was going into training, and the older I get the more my tolerance dissipates towards the cold.  But let’s end with a positive, so far I have ran outside all winter barefoot, (that means skin to ground for those who think barefoot means vibrams or minimal shoes), except for one time.  I did resort to footwear and that was a few days after the blizzard.   I think the highlight of the winter was running 3.2 miles barefoot in fresh snow at 5:00am, it was awesome, it was about 3-4” of light powdery snow.

I had a few very uncomfortable runs with difficult conditions, the worse for me is in the low 30’s and wet roads, and many runs in the low teens.  I got a slight tad of frost nip on one toe, some sole irritations from the rock salt, all very minor. You may ask yourself, “Hey moron, put some shoes on”, but my answer to that is I created this monster by taking that first barefoot run almost four years ago, and it’s just extremely to comfortable to run barefoot. I can run the same route everyday barefoot forever, but it always seems like a new adventure.  If I had to run in shoes, I definitely wouldn’t be into running like I am now, barefoot running brings a different dimension to running for me.   But winter is not over, we are supposed to get another snow storm in a few days, but that’s fine, looking forward to spring and that first HOT day in summer!  I love the heat!



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