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Running long is gone (for now)

I enjoy running, especially barefoot running, if it wasn’t for barefoot running I wouldn’t be running as much as I do now.  In fact, I would have never ran a marathon, especially a 50K.  The true fact is I’m not a ultra-runner and have no desire to be one.  When I ran the 50K boredom set in very quickly.  I need to stop fooling myself, I have the athletic capability to do anything but it can’t be forced into something I’m not into.  I like the marathon, but that plan of me running a marathon a year is dwindling. Is this a case of burning out?  Not even close, it’s a case of being real with myself.  The drive and desire to train for a marathon this year is just not there.  I can easily go out there and run a marathon with limited training, but the results will not be great which will not settle well with me. I want to put the training in, be prepared and feel ready.  So no marathon this year.

You know that saying “waiting to exhale” well I’m exhaling.  Four years running barefoot now, being involved with barefoot running forums, reading about people running ultras, convincing myself I NEED to run an ultra, well I did it. It was fun but felt extremely scripted. I have ran 3 marathons which I truly enjoyed, the marathon distance just reaches the cusp before boredom sets in. I am enjoying my short runs as of lately, and don’t miss running long. I will be running my town’s yearly half-marathon this year in June, love this race and look forward to it every year.

God bless.

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2 thoughts on “Running long is gone (for now)

  1. You know, I’m kinda in the same boat as you. I agree, I ran the same ultra as you, and it was boring. I would have been much better off running 15 miles that day and that’s that. The lure of your friends is strong, we have made many ultra running friends and its easy to get caught up. I used to think I wasn’t much of an ultra runner because I wasn’t in good enough shape. Now I realize it’s not that at all, I’m just not an ultra runner at heart. I love my half Marathons. My 7 mile runs. You hit the nail on the head, dude. Thanks for writing this.

    Posted by Trisha Reeves | April 6, 2013, 10:29 AM
    • Thanks for reading, yes we did run the same race! It’s very easy to get caught up, totally agree. Sooner or later things pan out and you have too realize what works for you (us). I have been running for many years, almost 20 now, but was never a high mileage person or running long. I can say I will enjoy the summer knowing that there is not a marathon in September. But I’m unpredictable and can change on a dime, but for now everything is cool and running happy!

      Posted by Barefoot Gentile | April 6, 2013, 12:39 PM

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