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Marathon training begins.

This week I start marathon training for the Philadelphia Marathon which is November 17th, this will be my 4th marathon.  I’m not really hardcore when it comes to marathon training, my mileage is usually low, last year I only ran 3 days a week for the Hartford, CT marathon.  This time around I plan to pick up the intensity a bit, mileage, and look to max out with 45 mpw. Mileage I never even came close to in all my previous trainings and will be running 4 days a week, maybe 5. My goal is to run the marathon at an 8:30 pace, which would be a time of 3:42:52.  I found this 4 day schedule on-line which is basically just a blue print to follow.  The only thing I really care about is organizing my long runs, all the stuff in the middle will be free-styling.

Week   Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 1-Jul-29 3 5 5 10
2 2-Aug-05 4 5 5 12
3 3-Aug-12 4 5 5 13
4 4-Aug-19 4 7 5 10
5 5-Aug-26 4 8 8 15
6 6-Sep-02 4 8 8 17
7 7-Sep-09 4 9 5 13
8 8-Sep-16 4 9 9 18
9 9-Sep-23 5 10 8 20
10 10-Sep-30 5 6 6 12
11 11-Oct-07 5 10 8 22
12 12-Oct-14 8 6 6 12
13 13-Oct-21 5 10 5 20
14 14-Oct-28 5 8 4 12
15 15-Nov-04 4 6 4 9
16 16-Nov-11 4 4 2 Race

I ran 3 miles Monday and Tuesday, and 5 miles this morning, in all the years I have been running this was the first time I ever ran 3 days in row, felt really good. I had an interesting encounter with some road kill this morning.  I started my run at 5AM, starting to lose some light now, plus half asleep my senses were and awareness were dismal.  About a half mile into the run I see a carcass on the side of the road, no big deal I usually run in the middle of the road at this hour. Running by it I stepped on something soft and squishy, I knew what it was but had to stop. It was some kind of entrails from the animal (it was a skunk by the way, and I was barefoot). I had a few barefoot road kill incidents before, they were usually dried up, but stepping on fresh guts barefoot was a first. Mark it in the books:)



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