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September 15th – A birthday/long run/anniversary/lost wedding ring.

September 15th is a special day it’s my oldest son’s birthday, he turned 7 this year. It’s also the day I took my first barefoot run 4 years ago in 2009, and kicked my annoying cigarette habit on top of that. It’s strange because it seems I’ve been running barefoot forever, the 15 years that I ran shod seem to be another life time.

I got up early Sunday morning to run 16 miles.  I am currently training for the Philadelphia marathon and really not enjoying the training. I love running the marathon but hate training for it, I get miserable, it drains the fun out of running, and to be honest this might be my last marathon for a long time. I love the half marathon, and can be happy running several of those a year. Anyways back to the 16 miler, I was up at 5:30AM, tired, not into it and just going through the emotions. It’s mid September so now it’s chilly in the morning, I think that’s another factor why my mood is the way it is. I love summer, love the heat, love the humidity and sad to see it go. Takes me a long time to accept summer is over. I live in the wrong State.

Back to the run, at mile 13 I look at my hand and my wedding ring is gone. I was in shock, at this point I had 3 more miles to go and just wanted to finish. I carry a hand-held water bottle on long runs, it was chilly and my ring will get lose when I get cold. I know what happen, during a time when I switched the hand-held from one hand to the next year, it slipped right off.  I didn’t even hear it hit the ground (wish I did). I am sure it hit the grass on the side of road. I got home told my wife right away, and to say the least she was not happy. I showered, got in the car and drove the course looking for a needle in haystack.  Now that I had time to think about it, I got upset. The only time I ever took off my wedding ring is when I went swimming. It certainly had some sentimental value to me, and I was upset that my wife was upset, she is a very sentimental person, much more than I am.  Anyways no luck in the car, I went back home and jumped on my bike and headed out again and biked the course, no luck.  At this point I was exhausted, and had family coming over soon to celebrate my son’s birthday. So this 15th of September was special and a bit of bummer at the same time.




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