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Week 10 – Changes.

Heading into week 11 of training, this week I will be doing my first 20 miler.  Not looking forward to it, but 6 weeks until marathon and getting closer. I have made a decision that this will be my last marathon for a long time, or maybe forever. To be quite honest I am not a fan of long distant running, I’m much happier with shorter distances, I love the half marathon distance and will stick to those from now on.  I have to run my long runs on the weekend extremely early on the weekends, and find no enjoyment in them anymore. I never was a long distance runner to begin with. Once I started running barefoot and hanging out in barefoot/minimal forums much of the talk is about Ultra’s, I got caught up in the hype was THINKING I would be one of these people, I’m not.  I did run one Ultra, it was a 50K, it was fun but wouldn’t do it again, it’s not the actually race that I have issues with, it’s the training. I know I have the physically capability to run Ultra’s, or improve my times with Marathon’s, but the desire to do that doesn’t exist. I’m totally cool with this and will be much happier.

Also, my wife is pregnant with our third child due in April.  Life will be getting even more busier.  I will be 43 in November, I have two boys 7 and 3, with a baby in April, I’m slowing down a bit.   I actually feel great for 43 but moving in a new direction.  I want to get into cross-fit,  a new cross-fit gym opened up right next door at my job, after this marathon I want to start taking classes.  It will be cross-fit, barefoot running, and half marathons, that’s something I can live with.



2 thoughts on “Week 10 – Changes.

  1. Hey Adam,
    I’m not a veteran runner like you, but I agree, the half marathon distance or about two hours is just about right for a long run. It seems like it’s good for one’s overall running fitness to run two hours once a week at a nice aerobic pace. I’ve been doing that once or twice a week lately. I think I will try to make it once a week from now on. The last few miles are still a little hard for my legs, but I think soon it will all be comfortable. I really hate running fatigued or with strain.
    Anyway, all the best on your marathon,
    Bare Lee

    Posted by Bare Lee | October 7, 2013, 10:15 AM
  2. Bare Lee,

    How’s it going, and thank you! Same here 2 hours is perfect for me, and really all you need to obtain a nice aerobic base. My attention span is short lived, and add little ADHD in there, not the best compo for running long!

    Posted by Barefoot Gentile | October 7, 2013, 11:36 AM

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