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Southport, CT 5M Turkey Trot – 2013

The Southport, CT Turkey Trot has been a family tradition for many years now.  My sister, Heather and I were trying to figure out the numbers, and we think this was our 22nd year running this race.  It’s just a nice, fun relaxing run on Thanksgiving morning.  I wanted to run with my sister, but she insisted that we just run our own races.  Heather was the first runner in the family, she is the one who actually got me into running, she would drag me along for a run during vacations, or when we younger around the neighborhood.  And she is the one who introduced me to this Turkey Trot as well. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I have run this race extremely hung over, or still drunk from the debauchery the night before the race, Thanksgiving eve is always a big night to go out.  Those were the days, but don’t miss them at all.  You can always smell a tinge of alcohol in the air from fellow runners during the race, believe me I wasn’t the only one.

Thanksgiving morning it was a cold one 28 degrees and dry ground.  This race was also my first barefoot race I ran 5 years ago since transitioning to barefoot running, so far I have run it barefoot every year and wanted to keep the tradition going.  The plan was to wear my Soft Star Run-a-mocs and slip them off right at the start and just carry them. The plan worked perfectly.   Results: 41:20 with a pace of  8:16

Heather and I





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First snow of the season. My son and I at the finish of the 5 mile Turkey Trot Rusty as a bag of nails, but it’s a good outlet. 5 mile Turkey Trot tradition. 20+ years running this race with my sister. My son made his debut today, fantastic job! Deadlifts. This was my last set of 225lbs, a new PR.
135 x 10 warm up
185 x 6
195 x 7
205 x 6
225 x 5

Had my son Andrew @parkor_boy23 filming and working out with me as well. Finally Optimal Nutrition comes out with a plant based protein.  Most protein powder has a lot of garbage in it, artificial flavors, gluten, dextrin, soy etc. which I try to avoid. I’m not a Vegan/Vegetarian but like a clean supplement. The taste is spot on. Not grainy or “earthy” tasting.  Very happy with this.
#optimumnutrition First cold barefoot run of the season. 25F and the sun was shining, felt good.
#barefootrunning 5am Workout.
I don’t have heat In my garage it was a crisp 32 degrees, but don’t mind.  Some benefits of having a home gym is no travel time, no people, and you can wear your comfies.
This was my last set of benching at 170lbs Fall fun.
#leavejumping My new drinking buddy, a man of few words.
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