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Ran in footwear for the first time in 13 months.

This morning I resorted to footwear for the first time in 13 months. Why? Because it was 23 degrees and the streets were iced. For the last 2 winters I did the whole “try to get through winter running barefoot” thing and had great success, but all runs were short. 5 years into this barefoot running game, I have decided to drop the ego, and if footwear is needed for winter so be it. I like getting a long run in the weekends here and there and in order to do that in wintry conditions footwear is needed. I don’t want to sacrifice my running just because I can’t run barefoot.  To be perfectly honest I would never want to have anything on my feet when running, unfortunately I live in New England.

I bought a pair of Vibram EL-X’s about a year ago, and for the first time I ran in them today. I have a few different models of vibrams the EL-X’s are no doubt the best pair i have, they come as close as you can get for a “barefoot” feel. I wore them without socks and in 23 degrees and some snow, my feet were toasty.

I am writing this a day after the run in the EL-X’s and there is a few negatives.  The front of my toes are sore because of the pressure, the EL-X’s have a very tight fit, I went down a size from my normal VFF’s size, basically they are too tight for running.  And the bottoms of my forefoot are a tad sore, I think I was landing a bit too hard.  Not having that skin-to-ground feel was very strange.

I haven’t really done much running this December, I picked up a part-time just for the month, between family and work just don’t have the energy to run.  Plus every year like clockwork I take a break from running in December, my body naturally tells me to rest.  In the new year I will pick things up again.



2 thoughts on “Ran in footwear for the first time in 13 months.

  1. Belated congrats on the marathon, very nice! Also, your post on music was something that I have been thinking about because it seems like the Word is coming through in so many different and compelling musical formats these days. We are about to see some amazing stuff.

    Posted by Rob | December 16, 2013, 11:04 PM

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