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My life changed twice.

On April 21st God blessed us with a beautiful little girl named Olivia.  On May 12th I got a phone call saying that I could possibly lose my wife.


My wife went into the hospital on April 21st for scheduled caesarean and we welcomed our third child into this world.  A beautiful baby girl named Olivia.  We know have two boys 7 and 4, and a baby girl.   All was well.   Four days later my wife gets home from the hospital to enjoy her new baby and being a mom again.   She started to feel sick, pains in her stomach area, and throwing up, this progressed as she was going into her second week home.  She went for blood work, and a cat scan, blood work came back bad, she was very sick and had to report the emergency room.  The situation was a bad gall bladder which had to be removed, okay fine, this happens all the time to people.

Surgery was May 10th, the removal was a success but there was another issue. There was a gall stone stuck in the duct that leads to the liver, this had to removed.  Another procedure was scheduled on May 12th, endoscopic.  This is a run to the mill routine procedure where they put a scope down the throat take care off the gall stone.   At this point my wife was back in the hospital all weekend, we visited her on Mother’s Day and she is missing her baby.   Monday – May 12th, I pick up my youngest son from daycare, heading home to meet my son off the school bus, when I got the call.  The call was from the Dr. who performed the endoscopic saying my wife ran into complications during the procedure and she is heading into the ICU.  What!?!   To be honest this call was blur, I’m confused, scared, and asking random questions which I can’t remember.  The one question I do remember asking was bluntly  and out of panic “Is she going to die”?!   The Dr.s answer, there is a possibility.  My world shifts.

Basically my wife’s heart stop beating for a minute at the end of the endoscopic procedure, they do CPR, get her back, put her in ICU, and put her in an induced coma for 3 days.   They cool her body down for 12 hours to bring her organs to a slow metabolic rate, then warmed her back up for the next 12 hours.  Here I am with a new born, and two young boys not knowing if my wife will come out of this.  The good news she did, after 3 days off being in this induced coma, they slowly let off the sedation and started to wake her.   May 17th she was discharged and now is home.  This was absolutely life changing for me, and I look at life a lot differently.   She has a long road of recovery but she will be okay.  The out pour from family and friends to help, and especially their prayers was amazing. I truly believe in the power of pray and I can personally testify to this.  God gave us life, and saved a life.

As far as running, I think I ran twice within the last 20 days.  Do I miss it?  yes and no, thinking back how obsessed I was with running just goes to show me how trivial things are in life.  I ran last week  and was amazed how therapeutic running is, I always knew this, but putting it into an actual horrific scenario where I needed an escape that run put my mind and body at ease temporarily.  Right now I need to be there for my wife, and the kids, I really have no time to run at the moment but will be back out there pounding the pavement barefoot at some point.



One thought on “My life changed twice.

  1. Oh my gosh. I am so sorry, but relieved it had a good outcome. Congratulations on your new addition. Prayer works.

    Posted by TikkTok | May 19, 2014, 4:58 PM

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