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Shamma Sandals


Josh Stiles founder/maker of Shamma Sandals was kind enough to reach out to me and ask if I would like to test out his product.  This was a first that someone asked me to test out footwear and of course I said yes.  I picked the Warrior model.  I have a few pair of Luna Sandals and my initial thought was the Shamma’s would be too floppy, that wasn’t the case at all.  I love the strapping system, very simple with a Velcro fastening.   The heel strap has a soft leather casing around it which is very comfortable.  The latching system is fast, easy, on and off with no troubles.  The foot bed on the Warrior is made of yellow sheep skin which is super comfy.   It takes no time at all for the feet to start molding in the bed.

The roll-up test

The roll-up test

From the Website:

“The yellow sheepskin is supple and comfortable, and is our softest leather. It forms up to your unique footprint very quickly, and you’ll see your foot leave its mark as the leather breaks in. The softness and break in of this leather give it a very distinct feeling, like your foot is being hugged. It’s great for casual wear, and around the office (depends on what your office lets you wear, of course!), but also very comfortable on runs, especially city runs.

Sheepskin has a certain tacky quality that creates really great traction with your feet. We might say “sticky”, but the feeling is very unique. Though it is not cushioning, there is a velvet-like feeling that adds comfort to this footbed. If you have sensitive skin or if you’re afraid of blisters, the sheepskin will treat you gently.

Because it is a natural product, sheepskin leather will change color over time, and with use tends to darken in color. We embrace this change as the sandals take on the shape of your unique footprint, like your foot’s signature.”

IMG_2153IMG_2156IMG_2154I’m going to be honest and didn’t really run in them much, I prefer barefoot running, but did take them on a few test runs and really had no complaints.  The strap worked excellent and I didn’t feel any slippage.  The Shammas really grew on me as I continued to wear them more, and to be honest they have taken over the Luna’s as my go to daily sandal.  All my activities are done with the Shamma’s, long-boarding, riding my bike, daily chores, cutting the lawn, playing with my kids, hiking, etc.  I have one con against them and that would be the price tag, in my opinion a bit too pricey but that’s just me, I feel all minimal footwear is on the pricey side.  But I do understand the time and craftsmanship it takes as well.   Overall, I totally recommend the Shamma’s!  I will be a returning customer as well.



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