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4000 barefoot miles

I hit the 4000 mile marker this week for barefoot running miles. I didn’t record anything for a year or so, I took a sabbatical of running tech-free and recording nothing, so technically the mileage is longer and can’t even guess what the number would be. But I officially have 4000 miles recorded as of now. September 2009 is when I started running barefoot and before that in my shods days I never recorded my mileage, I thought it would be fun to start when I started running barefoot.

2016 was a good year, nothing really too exciting just busy with family life, and adjusting to 3 kids. My daughter is 20 months old now which is hard to believe, so I think the adjusting is done, if not I have some issues to straighten out:) I turned 45 this year which is really nuts! I still think I’m 20. My family and I are healthy so that’s a blessing and it all starts from there.  The running was good, kind of slowed down this year with mileage, but I did PR at the Norwalk, CT half marathon.  I’m really getting the itch to run another marathon and thinking about a 50 miler in 2016, we will see.  I hope to blog more as well and expand my topics with more interesting material other than running.

I wish you all a happy and healthy Happy New Year!

With Love!

Barefoot Gentile



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