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Here we are, another year.  A few changes going on.  I got divorced last year, adjusting to that and more importantly hoping it gets easier for my kids, especially my oldest who is 12.  Things have smoothed out and getting in the flow of this new routine of life.

I have completely switched gears from a runner into full blown weight training/bodybuilding.  I can count the times I ran barefoot last year on one hand. I still run but it’s more like 2 miles 2 or 3 times a week, but completely strayed away from barefoot running for some reason.  So much crap on the street, I was just getting tired of dealing with the small rocks and crappy roads, it become so much easier to put something on my feet to make the runs more enjoyable.   I even forgot I had this blog until now, so why not a post. I should change the title of the blog, but will leave it.   This coming spring I’m going to start running barefoot again, I do miss it.

I’m slowly building a home gym in my garage, which is convenient especially when I have my 3 kids with me.  I can’t leave in the morning and drive to a gym, my youngest is 4 and my middle 8, so I’m lucky to have a garage that I can just walk to.

My weight when running was around 150lbs, I am currently 185lbs.  I can feel the difference when I run but used to the weight now.

One of my favorite exercises is the deadlift. I never did this movement when younger and just started doing them last year at 47 years of age.  Form is key, just like barefoot running.  Here I am pulling 315lbs for 3 reps.  I’m looking to pull 400lbs in 2019.




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