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Newport, RI Getaway

My family and I had a great short vacation in Newport, RI this August. We try to go every year, it’s a nice getaway without extensive traveling.  We are beach people so if there is a beach, a pool we are good to go. We stayed at the Atlantic Beach Hotel which is in Middletown RI, it’s a great location, the beach is right across the street, a few restaurants, some surf shops and it’s all within walking distance.  Newport, RI is about a mile from where we stayed and that’s always fun to go into town and check out the stores and scenery.  The night life during the summer is full of action and so many great places to eat, so after a nice dinner it’s fun to walk around and take in the scenery.  The seaports are really beautiful at night, and some of the yacht’s that come and dock are insane.


My wife and kids on the Cliff Walk to the Mansions.

On our last day there I got up at 7:00am to sneak out for a barefoot beach run, then hit the Cliff Walk and run that for a bit.  I slipped out the door with everyone still asleep, and it was a beautiful morning, clear sky’s and about 75 degrees at 7Am.   I first hit the beach and barely anyone out there.  Something about the ocean that is so spiritual and cleansing, if I had the money my dream home would be right on the beach somewhere, to wake  up every morning and having the ocean greet you would be absolutely amazing.

I never bring my phone when running but for this one I did, I wanted to capture some moments.


7:00 AM the start of my run, it was me and two other people out here.  Wide open and peaceful.

Here’s a quick video when I hit the beach.


Some photo’s I took from the cliff walk, it was a perfect morning.



One of the many mansions along the walk.



Bad Luck?!  Luckily it was smooth sailing.


Most of the Cliff Walk is paved except for one section, I thought it would be fun to record this part running the rocky section. I had to concentrate on foot placement and while recording could be a bad combination, so took it nice and easy.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, or enjoy the beginning of your summer wherever you are!







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