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Trump is our President.

Let me start by saying I don’t have much knowledge with politics and have very little interest in them.  I’m not part of a party and registered as “unaffiliated”.  Now at 45 years old  I feel obligated that I should be into politics, how weird is that and who am I kidding. Deep down in my brain, in the layers of mud and sludge, can a political interest spark arise to the top and see daylight?  Anyway, it was actually quite bizarre to me how emotional and crazed people got over this election. During the debates my facebook feed turned into a war zone. I was reading posts from people how they were losing friends, family members, deleting facebook friends, etc. all because of this election. Talk about dividing and segregating the human race!  Martin Luther King would of been proud, not! Thankfully a Presidential election only happens once every 4 years because if was shorter people would be eating their young in the throes of insanity. God knows the hardcore, obsessed Hillary supporters will need 4 years just to recovery.
My mind was made up a long time ago that I wasn’t going to participate in this election, but when election day finally arrived I took the day off from work to watch my boys because schools were closed, and decided to take them with me and vote. I voted for Trump, something I wasn’t completely happy with.  I don’t see how anyone could have been 100% happy and confident with the choices we had.  Now why did I vote for Trump? Simply because he is NOT a politician. I was casting my vote basically against the system that’s in place now. We already had a Clinton as a President why have a repeat. I’m completely on board for a women President, I think it would be awesome and someday it will happen.

Hey look!  Hillary and Bill at Trump’s Wedding!

Believe it or not on Nov. 8th on that evening  I didn’t watch one ounce of the Presidential race. I watched my regular Tuesday night episode of Ink Masters, then went to bed thinking that Hillary will be our next President. I was wrong, and yes I was shocked.  You see if Hillary did win so be it, accept and move on.  Watching the sheer devastation, the hysterical crying, and people saying I’m scared for my life due to Hillary losing, was completely over dramatic and disturbing to watch.  So we are 10 days after the election, we still have tons of people in NYC protesting, social media is still up in arms about the decision, people are fearing for their lives, you have these ridiculous celebrities, musicians, and comics saying they are moving to Canada, by the way did they move?  Of course not, no one is moving!   On a side note did you know Canada has basically the same border plan that Trump wants to implement, how ironic.
My final thought and I must be missing something here but how in the world is Donald a racist or against the LGBT?!  Here is an interesting article.
Yes he said some off the wall stuff which I found highly entertaining, but in no way do I see him as a racists or against the gay community. That my friends is the power of the media and their slick way of brainwashing people into believing something that is not there.  Let’s hope for the best.
All the best!
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