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Danbury, CT Half Marathon – April 3, 2016

I figured I would get a jump start on the spring season and celebrate with a spring half marathon, what a weather surprise this was!  Before I get into the weather I signed up 3 weeks before the race and really didn’t put the training in like I normally would.  I run consistently 3 or 4 times a week and really don’t go past a 8 miler.  I will run a 6 or 7 miler on the weekends and that’s the extent of my so-called “long” run.  So three weeks out I ran a 9 miler which was a horrible run, little did I know I had a stomach virus and this basically stayed with me for 5 days.  After  I snapping out of that I got a 8 miler in a week before the race and felt ready to go.  I came in at time of 1:53:00 which I was happy with, especially given this course was very hilly and the weather factor as well.

So the weather. Basically it was snowing pretty hard when I woke up at 7am and the temps dropped to 32 degrees F.  The race started at 9:15am, the snow stopped but the temperature stayed the same and the winds were picking up. Winds got up to 30 mph at some points.  So there I am sitting in my car contemplating on whether to wear footwear for this, in the 6.5 years running barefoot I have yet to run a half in footwear. I brought my pair of Vibrams El-X’s as a backup plan, which are too tight to begin with and can’t stand running in Vibrams, then quickly came to my senses, it was barefoot or bust.  I waited until 5 minutes before race time and made my way to the start line. I always get looks but you should have seen the looks today!  Some of which were in horror and what’s wrong with this dude!  That was my impression at least. The course was a tough one, actually the most challenging half I have run so far. Very hilly, lots of choppy roads, chip-n-seal, not the most barefoot friendly course, and mix that with the low temps,snow/rain, it humbly tested my barefoot skills.


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