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Current State of Affairs.

Let’s start off by saying I’m still running (barefoot), that joy never dies.  My daughter is now 13 months old and life is good and busy.  I’m currently (half-ass) training for my town’s half marathon on June 28th.  I have to admit my desire to run long has really dwindled.  I look back on all the marathons I ran and wonder how the hell did I even do it, especially with the training.  To even think of running a 20 mile training run on a weekend just sound so unwelcoming.  Call it a sabbatical I guess from long distance running, family is first right now and time is not on my hands for marathon training.   I might not even do another marathon, but never say never.  I happy with half marathons for now.


Aidan, Olivia, and Andrew

I had an exciting experience last week.   A professor from Skidmore College contacted me by email explaining he is doing a documentary on barefoot/minimal running and would like to meet for an interview, he got my information from my blog.   He drove to my house and we set up in the back yard for the interview.  This was a first experience for me in front of a camera.  I was nervous and excited.   I’m not a great public speaker, and have trouble getting my thoughts out clearly.  I could of gave better answers to some great questions he had, but tried my best.  He also recorded some footage of me running barefoot.  Great individual and had lots of fun doing it.  The documentary should be out next summer, excited to see how it comes out.

Spring is here and looking forward to the summer, my favorite seasons.  Broke out the longboard over the weekend and did some cruising with my son Aidan.



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